Toro Sand Pro 2040Z


The zero-turn design of the Sand Pro 2040Z allows the machine to turn on a sixpence, giving it unmatched manoeuvrability to deliver picture-perfect grooming in all sorts of bunkers, even small, tight bunkers and those with sloped walls.

Added to this, the new Sand Pro features a new ‘flex’ tooth rake system with a rake made from modified natural rubber that is built in three sections. Each of the sections moves independently to perfectly groom bunker contours. What’s more, a patent-pending ‘lift in turn’ feature lifts the inside rake during a tight turn, leaving no unraked teardrops or tyre marks behind.

Plus, the speed and efficiency of the Sand Pro gets the job done faster and is up to four times quicker than ordinary bunker rakes.

Additional information

Engine type

Kawasaki 2 Cylinder, 4 Cycle, Petrol

Engine Size

12.2hp (9.1 kW)

Weight (kg)





  • 84-inch (213cm) wide flexible rubber rake won’t tear bunker liners or turf on bunker edges
  • Easily operated through a thumb switch on the control stick, making full operation safe and easy
  • Unparalleled manoeuvrability, combined with a fast, 12mph (19.3km/h) transport speed for whizzing between bunkers
  • Robust twin cylinder, air-cooled Kawasaki 12.2hp (9.1 kW) petrol engine
  • Unitised transmission design that minimises hydraulic lines and connections for reliable, low-maintenance performance
  • Power steering via two independent control sticks makes driving the machine virtually effortless – it steers just like a zero-turn mower
  • Single stage cyclonic air filter keeps the engine running cleanly even in the dustiest conditions
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Engine type:Kawasaki 2 Cylinder, 4 Cycle, Petrol
Engine Size:12.2hp (9.1 kW)
Weight (kg):417-439