Outcross 9060


The Outcross 9060 marks the first of its kind to be purpose built for the management of fine turf and means groundsmen can do a lot more with less. Its revolutionary design combines the best elements of a tractor with a utility vehicle and delivers a workhorse that can do the work of multiple machines in one compact package.

Its sheer strength is astonishing. It can tow 16,000lbs and has an optional cargo bed that can hold 4,500lbs of materials. Delivering the power for that is a 59.8 horsepower Yanmar liquid cooled engine.

As with the entire grounds range, Toro focuses on productivity, versatility and durability, and the Outcross is the perfect embodiment of all these things. It is without question a new breed of turf maintenance vehicle.

Additional information

Engine Size

59.8 hp (44 kW)

Fuel tank capacity (Gal./L)

14 gallons

Ground Speed

21.5 mph (forward)




  • Unique electronically controlled four-wheel steer and four-wheel drive system provides turf friendliness and manoeuvrability
  • Stores settings for up to sixteen attachments for easy use and consistent performance, no matter the skill level of the operator in the seat
  • 3-point, drawbar, cargo bed and loader capabilities
  • Does the work of multiple machines in one compact package
  • Simple and intuitive operation and control
  • Hydrostatic drive system
  • One-action controls for ease-of-use and efficiency
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Engine Size:59.8 hp (44 kW)
Fuel tank capacity (Gal./L):14 gallons
Ground Speed:21.5 mph (forward)