Toro Workman HDX-D


The Toro Workman HDX-D heavy-duty utility vehicle boasts the highest total carrying load in the industry together with a towing capacity of up to 1,588kg/3,500lb.

Added to this carrying load ability, the HDX-D boasts I-beam shaped DeDion rear axle, and it is this, coupled with a perfect weight distribution, that contributes to a light tread. The innovative automotive technology that isolates the engine, transmission and main frame from all load forces, thereby eliminating potential overstress in these components, ensures the vehicle’s versatility on all types of turf and makes it a suitable option for groundsmen and greenkeepers alike.

With the two-wheel drive option offering 70-degree steering angle and the four-wheel drive offering a 50 degree steering angle you are guaranteed great manoeuvrability and stability whilst carrying out even the toughest of tasks.

Additional information

Engine type


Engine Size

23hp (17.4kW)

Payload (kg)


Towing capacity (kg)


Wheel Drive

2 or 4




  • Independent front suspension consisting of two double A-frames with opposing dual coil springs and dual shock absorbers
  • 14.6cm of front suspension travel
  • Rear suspension design consists of a DeDion rear axle and dual independent leaf springs and shock absorbers to provide 7.6cm of rear travel
  • Increased operator comfort
  • Productivity and efficiency gains
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Engine type:Kubota
Engine Size:23hp (17.4kW)
Payload (kg):1289
Towing capacity (kg):1587
Wheel Drive:2 or 4