Toro ProCore 648


Winning over so many UK greenkeepers is the Toro ProCore 648 pedestrian aerator. 

The ProCore 648, as with all Toro aerators, leaves a clean, even finish that allows operation on fine turf with the absolute minimum of disturbance and gets surfaces back into play quickly.

Fitted with a head drive system that uses precision balancing weights, similar to those found on a six-cylinder engine, on each coring head, this configuration eliminates hopping, rocking and uncomfortable vibration.

From the innovative wheels within the coring path, to the large 122cm aeration swath, the ProCore 648 is one of the most productive and efficient pedestrian aerators on the market.

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Aeration width (inch)



  • No crushed cores
  • Higher productivity
  • Contour following system
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Deeper holes
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Aeration width (inch):48