Toro MH400


The new Toro MH400 topdresser delivers high performance and versatility to tackle a wide array of jobs.

An available wireless controller provides the easiest method to set and control the spread functions and choosing one or both of the cross conveyor and twin spinner will help reduce labour, save time and cut operating costs.

The patented sliding adjustment, for positioning of the available twin spinners, allows for the even application of materials to the turf from 9ft (2.74m) to 35ft (10.67m). This unique drop zone system adjusts where material lands on the spinner disks, resulting in an even pattern across the entire spread width.


  • 4yd³ (3.06m³) hopper capacity level
  • Available wireless controller for fast settings and adjustments
  • Available 2-wheel or 4-wheel brakes
  • Payload 11,800lbs (5,353kg)
  • Fully operational up to 150 yards (137m)
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